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Fast Bank Transfer For Online Betting

Bank Transfer For Online Betting

If you are interested in finding out which bookmakers accept Fast Bank Transfers and how exactly do they work, this is the page for you.


We, from Sports Betting Sitez, are going to tell you about some of the best options according to us, how exactly you can make a deposit using this payment method, the history and associated fees of the Fast Bank Transfer.

Bookmakers which accept Fast Bank Transfer


# Bookmaker Grade Cash Out Fees Bonus


9.8 Instant No ₦60000 + ₦36000


9.6 Instant No ₦60000

Real Deal Bet

9.3 Instant No ₦15000


The Visa cards are used by many different organizations, but they are self-reliant and don’t belong to any company. The same can be said about the Fast Bank Transfer which is just another quick way of transferring money directly from your account using the bank and is not connected to any organizations.

Before, you had to wait about three days when transferring money from your account to another place. It can take more or less, depending on the banks, but the standard waiting time was three days before the transaction was completed. Thanks to the Fast Bank Transfer, the money reaches their destination on the same day you made the transfer, usually in about two hours, which can be very useful if you want to top up your account at a bookmaker.

There aren’t many bookies who accept this payment method, but the ones who do are highly rated in our reviews section.

How to Use Fast Bank Transfer at Betting Sites

Fast Bank Transfer at Betting Sites

Fast Bank Transfers are an easy method for you to deposit money into your gambling account. All you have to do is log into the website of your bank and find the section where you can manage your account online. Nowadays, most banks will have this option, so the process becomes a very simple one. Of course, you should check if you preferred bookie accepts online bank transfers. You will have to provide some details like the account number and the sort code for your bookie, in addition to a reference number, that is usually the membership ref. number, which will tell your bookmaker where to deposit the funds.

After you’re in your account, find where you can make a new payment and then use it by creating one and entering the details of your bookie. Your bank may require you to do extra security measures like receiving a telephone call and entering the security code that you receive, but it also depends on the bank that you are using.

After you have completed the tasks mentioned above, all you need to do is tell the bank the amount you want to transfer after a couple of hours.

Fast Bank Transfer Online Security

These types of transfers are done from you bank’s website, not the bookmaker’s. This means that all the security measures are being taken by your bank and not your bookie.

This can be a positive, as it’s not so easy to steal money directly from a bank account. For this to happen they need to know your password and that is almost impossible thanks to the strong security measures that the banks have set up. Of course, there is always a chance that fraud could happen, but usually it’s the customer’s fault because they were careless with their password or fell for a “phishing attack”. This has been a long-term practice and most experienced users know better than to click on questionable looking emails.

Fast Bank Transfer Online Security

As we mentioned earlier, the transactions don’t take place on the bookie’s website, so you need to have their sort code, account number, and your reference number for the transaction to take place at your bank’s website. You will find that the website of your bank will have an SSL encryption system in place so that you have your privacy.

Fast Bank Transfer History

This payment option was introduced in May 2008 and is currently being used by many banks with a good reputation. In the beginning, only some of them took part in this, but now almost all of the banks support it. There were almost a thousand transactions on the first day and the total amount was around half a million pounds. Today, these numbers are much bigger.

In the early days of the Fast Bank Transfer, some banks decided to implement even more security measures so that the customers felt more secure. These measures consisted from calculators or key fobs which generated a number which was used to authorize the transfer. However, thanks to the progress of technology, they are now obsolete.

If you want to find out if your bank has this feature (the receiving bank needs to have it too) and you can make bank transfers fast, there is a website called where you can check that information.